Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blog Assignment #1

If I could build my own school, I know how it would be. If I could build my own school, how much fun would that be? If I could build my own school, it would be in a low income area of the city. The structure of the school would be a huge, magnificent building, with a lot of architectural design.
The classrooms would be unique. Instead of desks, I would make the students comfortable with nice, big, comfortable chairs that feel like home to them when they come to school, so everyone would want to be there. The chairs would have built in speakers and technological outlets and plug ins to ensure each student has the ability to connect any devices that he/she uses. The interior walls of the school would be painted and decorated with bright, vibrant colors so it would grab their attention. I would have a huge reading center with lots of books and ebooks to choose from and an enormous window nook so they could sit and be in a peaceful atmosphere as they read books. Instead of grading them on how well they write in cursive, I would grade them on content and how well he/she reads and writes above their grade level. I would also teach and give them assignments with due dates, so they could learn how important it is to complete and submit assignments on time. Hopefully, this would help to ensure that when they became older, they would be more responsible and reliable citizens. My goal would be to create life long learners that are productive citizens. I want them to give back to their community through helping others and their employment.
In the classroom they would have their own miniature laptop or tablet that they could use and learn from the interactive smart board in the room. There would be an abundance of iPADS and Kindle Fires to allow students the opportunity to read electronically and use educational apps to enhance their learning.
Students will be taught in various methods. It is important for the various methods of teaching to be exhibited. (Auditory, visual, written, etc.) Each student learns differently, so I would use many ways. I would utilize the Smart board and allow students to interact with it. I would also use online learning. I would set up a course page and students would log in to complete and submit assignments. This will also help them in the future as they progress through college. Students would also have the opportunity to go back and watch a previous lesson. I would use the Front Row Juno to record Smart board lessons and upload them to the internet. If a child needed reinforcement or was absent, then they could access it easily at school or at home.
Learning Environment
It is important that children get time outdoors. I would build an amazing playground that every child dreams of. In the cafeteria, I would design a cozy setting. The cafeteria would serve fresh, healthy foods, including plenty of fruits and vegetables. Instead of making them pay for their food, they could sweep and clean up after themselves to make up for the lunch fees. Every month there would at least be two field trips because students need the hands on to learn, and also the memories. Field trips would include going places and also virtual field trips that would take place in the classroom. Some of the best memories as a child include that giddy feeling the night before a field trip and every child needs more of that to be excited to learn. The classroom would be a secure, safe environment for all. I would want all students to feel that the classroom belonged to them as well as me. I want them to be comfortable asking questions, exploring new avenues, and become critical thinkers. I feel for a successful career, they would need to problem solve and resolve conflicts and problems.


  1. This is Blog Assignment #1. Please change your title.

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog Autumn. You have many great ideas on how you would design your own school if given the chance. One of your ideas that we have in common is making the children feel comfortable with their setting while they are at school. I believe that if you are comfortable that you in turn are able to absorb and take in all of the new learning experiences.
    Good Job!

  3. I like many of your ideas, especially field trips (seldom mentioned in these posts) and your "chairs".

    You never mention Sugata Mitra. Did you watch his video. You must always do all parts of an assignment and summarize what you saw/heard and/or read.