Sunday, September 8, 2013

Blog Post #3

How to Provide Meaningful Feedback to Your Peers

What is Peer Editing I first watched the short video called, What is Peer Editing. This video seemed to really help me get a better understanding on what exactly peer editing is. It was very simple to understand and actually know what she was talking about. Peer editing can be very helpful, but if not done correctly, your peer can take it personally. This video went into detail about the steps to take so your peer does not take it offensively.

Peer Editing With Perfection I also viewed the slideshow called "Peer Editing With Perfection," and also got more very helpful hints. The video I previously watched before I viewed this slideshow were very similar with the main points that they gave. One of their main points was to start off giving compliments, and then approach the feedback. This way as the reader, you really make them feel better about their writing instead of just pointing out their mistakes. As a future teacher, this was also very important to understand so you learn when to tell them publicly or privately.

Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes This video was an example of how exactly not to do peer review! This cute, funny, video had several different scenarios on what would not be appropriate for peer editing. They did not start off with a compliment on their writing, and instead made the peer feel humiliated.
There has been many times my teacher has assigned us to peer review someone else's work and I have felt uncomfortable doing so. I wasn't sure how to do it in a way where I didn't make my peer feel like I was attacking them with corrections when I know that my paper wasn't perfect either. After reading these I feel like I would be able to successfully help someone. When doing my C4C, I haven't encountered any issues where I would need to correct them. When I do, I feel like I would decide then then if I should do it publicly or send them an e-mail.


  1. Peer editing is definitely something that makes me nervous! Like you said, I don't want another peer to feel as if I am attacking them during this process and after watching these videos and reading over the power point, I feel much less nervous about having to edit my peer because I now know the correct way to do it! I like that you pointed out the number one step, give compliments, because I personally feel that this step is the most important. In order to start in the right direction when peer editing is to make your peer feel comfortable with you and allow them ti know they can trust you, and by giving them compliments, it allows for both to be achieved. Now that your peer is comfortable and trusting, they are more likely to understand that you are only trying to help them. Its nice to know that I was not the only student not feeling comfortable with peer editing before this assignment!