Sunday, September 15, 2013

C4T #1

Steve Wheeler: Learning With e's

All Just a Click Away

Steve Wheeler's post All Just a Click Away, was about how everything we need is just a click away on the internet. Anything you could ever want to know or want to learn more about is there. One example he explained is that everybody has watched a movie and wondered who that actor was or who the director was, so you googled it, and there it was. Everything you wanted to know about the movie and more was right there in one search. Some people argue that the internet is dumbing down education, while others are more positive about the internet.

My comment

I really enjoyed reading your blog post!I agree with you about everything going to the internet, and that it is in fact our prime resource! Everything is going to the internet, even in most classrooms! It is very important for our society today to learn everything we can with the internet!

Blogging as Conversation

Steve Wheeler's post Blogging s Conversation is about why he decided to start blogging. He wanted to write down his ideas, thoughts, and what his day had consisted of. He was going to use paper and pen, but decided that blogger would be best because he could organize it better. But then the word "publish" confused him. Who could see his blog? He didn't mind if people saw his blogs or how many views he had on it. Instead, how many people commented on it. He said that when someone comments on it, that means that they took the time out of their day to read it. When someone comments and you comment back, that starts a conversation. And that is what means the most.

My comment

I really enjoyed reading your blog post about what made you create your blog! I would never have one if it weren't for my EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. Surprisingly, I have enjoyed checking and using mine everyday. I can now see why so many people have them and could possibly see myself having one one day and using it to my full potential.

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