Sunday, October 6, 2013

C4K Summary for September

For the month of September, I was assigned four students all from different schools around the country and also in different grades. I really liked this assignment because it really showed me that teachers really do use blogging as a tool in the classroom, and by us commenting on their post, it also helps the students to really see that people from around the world can see what they are posting and it inspires them to do better in the classroom.

The first student I had was in 10th grade at Baldwin County High School in Bay Minette, Alabama. They were assigned to blog about what they believed. Emmy wrote how she believed that men should treat woman with respect instead of men that do not know how to treat woman at all. She gives the perfect example of telling her story of how she has seen it first hand with her mother being treated like that and how hurtful it was to see someone she loved go through that. She also mentioned how her dad does not have enough time for her and cancels plans on her and she feels that that is wrong. In my comment I told her that it was so great to hear that she is holding her head up high and realizing that nodoby deserves to be treated like that. I also told her thank you for sharing her story and blogging!

The second week in September I had a boy who wrote about how he used Skype for the first time and how much he really enjoyed it. He also talked about how much fun he had making his dot and that that was his favorite thing. I wrote in my comment that I was from the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I also told him that I use Skype multiple times a week and I really enjoy it! I also told him that I was not sure what making a dot was, but I was definitely looking into it after he had so much fun making one!

The third student I had wrote about how he enjoyed playing lacrosse and that it was his favorite sport. He also wrote about how much he enjoyed watching football also. I told him that I love watching football on Saturdays and I did not know much about lacrosse but from what I heard and saw it looked like such a fun sport to play!

My fourth week of commenting of kids blogs was a student from Wisconsin names Isabel. She wrote in her blog how her class is reading a book and the main character from the book was blind and deaf. Her teacher gave them a brain twister where they could not talk and they had to figure out what the other was saying. She said she did not realize it would be that hard and she could't imagine what the main character had to go through and everyone else who has disabilities like that. I wrote in my comment that that was great her teacher had them do that assignment to really understand how people struggle everyday and that it makes you thankful for everything you have. I also told her thank you for blogging and that I really enjoyed reading this blog.

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