Sunday, October 6, 2013

PLN Progress Report Project #3

For my Project Based Learning Plan, I decided to use Symbaloo. I found this to be the most helpful website when setting up my PLN. When I first started doing this project I did not realize how helpful this really would be. When setting your personal Symbaloo up, you can add or delete a tile and make it just for you. I decided to color code mine and put my social networks on top in white, and educational "tiles" on bottom and in teal. This makes for an easy find when I need something right then. I can definitely see this helping so much in the future and even right now.

Here is a picture of what my Symbaloo looks like right now and you can see how I set them up.

As you can see, I personalized my background to the beach; I always want to be at the beach! I also added YouTube, Gmail, The Weather Channel, and Etsy to my Personal Symbaloo.

For my educational "tiles" I added our EDM class blog, Discovery Education, and ICurio for easy future access. Symbaloo is very user friendly and easy for anyone to use!

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