Sunday, October 27, 2013

Project 14

Project Based Learning Project 14

In this project, the students will work on this project in groups of three and each group will have students of all levels such as high, medium, and low. This project is for second graders introducing them to a number line and improving their addition and subtracting skills. They are going to create a "town" on the number line. For example, on the number 6, they can place the school there, and on number 4, the town hall can be placed there. I am going to handout a number line with numbers 0-12. Once they have the number line, I am going to place 6 QR codes around the classroom with addition problems where the sum equals a number on the number line. They are going to scan there QR codes with an iPad or tablet, for every group there will be an Ipad or tablet supplied by the school. I am then going to assign videos for them to watch on Icurio about number lines and how they work. Once they are done with this project, they are going to present it to another second grade class in the school via Bridgit.

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  1. This is really great! I think the addition problems will be a little bit too easy for second grade, though. I would consider adjusting the number lines to one hundred or two hundred and had groups count by fives, tens, or hundreds on their number line, each group counting using different benchmarks for their number line. I'm not sure if you planned numerical math problems or real-life word problems, but word problems are key to genuine math sense. You could also use riddles.
    This is a wonderful project!