Monday, October 28, 2013

Summary Post C4T Teacher #3

For this C4t, I had a teacher named Krissy Venosdale who was the author of the website She is a teacher and feels strongly about wanting her students to succeed and also what they learn in the class. She wants her classroom to be the funnest place the child has ever been to and wants them to remember their experience forever. Although school isn't necessarily the "funnest place ever", she tries her hardest to make it that, and after reading her blog post, I truly believes she does just that.

My first post I read was about her child finding that place where she can be herself and feel comfortable. Everyone has that place whether it is at home, school, or at the library. She could tell her child was lost and she was waiting for her to find that place where she could just breathe. After school started and it had been a few months into school, her child finally found that place, which was at school. She could tell her child was in a happy place and right where she needed to be.

My Comment

I agreed with her that it is important for everybody to find their place where they feel most comfortable and can be themselves. It's nice to be yourself where you can act goofy and nobody judge you for what you do. It is also important for younger kids to have a place where they feel they are wanted and needed. I also told her that her post was very moving and inspirational.

My second post I commented on was called Through the Lenses. In this post, she stated how everyone needs to be different, and that different is good. She also wants schools to start being different when they are teaching their students instead of just test options A,B, and C; what about K and P. She used this stating that schools need to let the students dig deeper and let them remember what they are learning instead of just handing it to them. She also made a really good point by saying we need to stop being black and white, and instead be all the different greys there are!

In my comment to her, I told her how much I enjoyed this post she had written. I loved how she mentioned that there are hundreds of colors of gray, and we need to stop being black and white and be a gray. I also liked how she said instead of the answers being a A,B, or C, the students should be critically thinking to find out more.

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