Sunday, October 13, 2013

C4T #2

For my second series of C4T's, I had the privilege of reading Liz Davis' "The Power of Educational Technology." Liz Davis is a teacher for an all boys school grade 7-12 in Boston, MA. Her blog had many useful and helpful blogs.

Summary of first blog

The first blog I read was about change. Change is a very hard task for some people and they do not like anything about having to change their schedules for something different. She gave a few helpful hints that she gave to the faculty and staff at her school of what they could do to prevent them being afraid of change. She says to celebrate small victories and take small steps to prevent being to overwhelmed and to accept the change. She believes that change can be a good thing and be positive about it!

My Comment

Liz, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post about change and how to deal with it. Change does not bother me too much, I try to stay positive and open about change, but I can see why change does effect people, whether change is for the good or the bad. You gave positive advice that everyone can use. One thing that I do and remind myself everyday is to take one day at a time!

Summary of second blog

In this blog, she describes the 21st century in one word. That one word is TODAY. She also added what 5 things students should be doing/learning TODAY. Those 5 things include: inquiring, investigating, collaborating, creating, and communicating. These 5 things should be done globally and locally! The time is now!

My Comment

Mrs. Davis, I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I agree with you that students should be learning this today in the classroom. In my EDM class, we are learning how to incorporate all of these things in our future classroom, and these 5 points also prevent burp-back learning. I really enjoyed reading your blog and how you pointed these out while we are learning about executing them correctly! Thank you!

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