Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blog post 11

After watching the Skype interview with Ms. Cassidy, I have learned so much about technology and how to incorporate it in the classroom. She remembers getting her first computers in her classroom, and she knew she would do something with them, so she made a center with them for the students. After realizing how much the students loved learning on them, she then got federal funding from the government and started buying more computers and other items for her classroom. Her administration did not discourage her from using the technology, but they also were not encouraged about it. But, that did not seem to phase as her as she said that technology is constantly moving forward and that is what needs to happen in the classroom. After starting her blog, she learned very fast that her parents loved keeping up with them in the classroom and seeing their child's progress through the year. It also taught the students a lot about audience, that everything they posted on the web could be seen by anybody. This taught them to always be dedicated to their work. Also, they would pair up with classrooms all over the world, and Skype about their blogs. Classes would also comment on their post and that helps the students really see that anybody can read their work. They had audio, video, and writing lessons all just through their blog.

I thought I knew how important technology was in the classroom, but I realize I did not exactly know how critical it is in the classroom. The world is changing everyday and technology really is growing so fast and it is really important that we keep the students moving forward in learning with the technology. Computers, laptops, Iphones, and Ipads are apart of almost everyones lives everyday. I know everyday on my phone and computer I learn something new about them everyday, and students need to learn through this also. They will learn more with the technology and the hands on. This was a great video to watch and learn a lot from.

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  1. Autumn:
    Interesting post! I also did not know how important technology was in the classroom before taking this class. I realize now that every child grows up with an iPhone or computer in which they know how to use at an early age. I see that we need to incorporate this into the classroom because that is what the children are familiar.

    I agree with you in that this was a great video to watch for us future educators.