Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PLN Final Summary

Reflecting over this past semester, I would have never expected to use my PLN as much as I did. I saved multiple websites and even blogs that I loved reading from my C4T. As you can see, I added over ten educational tiles from the first time I started using this. I also added a couple tiles to my personal section. Some educational resources I decided to save was Edutopia, Smartboard, and BIE's website so I can easily access sources to make planning a little easier. After using my PLN this semester, I can easily see myself using this to help prepare and organize in my future classroom.

I have organized my learning plan by colors, and also top half and bottom half. The top white icons are for my personal use. The bottom teal icons are for educational purposes. Organizing my PLN has helped in many ways, and I also know exactly where it is so I don't have to search for it. Here is a picture of my PLN.

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