Thursday, November 21, 2013

Smart Board Presentation part B

Smart Board Lesson Plan for the Sisley Group 

      The Sisley Group presents a lesson plan using smart board tools and incorporating project based learning to allow our students to create a presentation to be presented in class and shared with our class blog. In this way, we hope that our students will strive to learn about not only the history; but the dynamics of how a nation evolves. They will answer the driving question: How did this event cause the United States to evolve as a nation? They will not only present to the class but, their presentation will be recorded and shared on our class blog providing a worldwide audience. We created a web page to allow the students to have all instructions, resources, and tools to guide them in their project creation. History PBL Presentation. 

Please visit our site and see what our students are up to.

Smart board image

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