Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Final C4T Summary

For my last C4T, I had the pleasure of getting to read and comment on Dr. Will Deyamport. Dr. Deyamport first started this blog in 2009 to try and help adults improve their personal and professional life. The blog has now transformed to focus on the educational applications of digital media.

The first week, I commented on Dr. Deyamport's video called "If you Build It, They will Come." This video is of him giving a speech he gave earlier that morning about teachers personal development. He talked about how technology is improving every day, and some teachers are scared to use new technology. We should not be afraid of it though, we should use it and learn with it so we can become comfortable with it. Teachers also have have different personal development plans, some may use more technology than others, and that is fine. He wants teachers to get out of their comfort area and change up their personal development plan to make it more interesting!

In my comment, I told him how great it was to watch his video and how much I learned. I learned to not be scared to touch that button, it is just a button that you would be able to learn from. I also told him that I would be saving his blog for future references.

In my second post I watched an interview with Dr.Will and author Michael Graham. Michael Graham wrote Google Apps meets Common Core. In this interview, they discuss Google Apps, Gmail, and how to use Google Apps in the classroom. Graham states that all students have a gmail account under Google Apps and they can control what emails they receive and send. He says this is an efficient way of making sure the students stay on task in the classroom. Graham also explained how this came about at the school he was teaching at and said once they started learning more about Google that it spread like wildfire, so he then decided to write a book and help other educators out.

My Comment

Dr. Will, I loved watching your interview with Michael Graham. It is very important that everyone knows how you can use technology in the classroom. In Mobile, Al they are trying to give all students in middle through high school Mac's and that is where all there work will be done. I am in EDM 310 right now at the University of South Alabama, and in this class we are learning everything we can about technology in the classroom. It is truly amazing how much it can change in a couple years. Google Apps Meets Common Core sounds like a very helpful book for every teacher or educator to have!

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