Thursday, November 14, 2013

C4K Summary for November

For my first week in November, I had a student named Kevine who was from New Zealand who was in the sixth grade. On his blog, he wrote a narrative about a family who had been wanting to travel to the USA, but did not have enough money for their trip. One day, the girl in the family came across money laying on the ground, and that is all they needed for a trip to the United States. He had a twist to his story though, which was their neighbor had gone behind their back. Their plane crashed on the way over here and they ended up surviving on an island happily ever after. To read more, check out Kevine's blog here! Kevine's Blog!

In my comment, I told Kevine that I was actually from the USA and love it here! I also told him he had a great story and kept me interested the whole time and I was ready to see what happened next! I told him great job blogging and to keep up the great work!

The last C4K I have for this semester, is from Ms. George's class. I commented on Ms. George's class post called Big Shells and Little Shells. This post was about a student finding beautiful shells that she was very proud of. Take a look at their blog here!

In my comment, I told her class that I am from Mobile, Al and attend the University of South Alabama. I also told the class that I live near the beach and I love going to find sea shells. Each one is so different and thats what makes them so unique. I also thanked them for blogging!

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  1. Hi Autumn, Thanks for commenting on our Team Post! My Name is Michelle George and I am the Team 1 Leader at Pt England School.
    Our Blog has up to 5 classes contributing to it. The post you commented on was actually from Mrs Khismira Lal's class. You will be able to check out more of the team Blog by clicking on the months on the side 'Blog Archive' bar. One little movie my class made at the beginning of the school year was:

    Check it out!

    Good Luck for the year ahead.
    Michelle George