Sunday, November 3, 2013

C4K October

For the month of October, I had four C4K's to complete. They consisted of students all over the United States and I got to learn so much about them just throughout their blogs.

C4K Week 1

My first blog I got to read was from a boy named Ben who went to school in British Columbia, Canada. He wrote about how important and neat it was to learn about service dogs and what all they do for people in need. His class is also reading a book right now and they connected it to the service dogs. Look at Ben's blog here!
In my comment, I told Ben that I was a student at the University of South Alabama and that I loved reading his blog. I then told him that he was exactly right about service dogs being important to people and how awesome it is that they can help people who need help! I told him he did a great job on his post and to keep the good work up!

C4K Week 2

For my second week, I had a girl named Morgan who was in the fourth grade from Iowa. In her blog she wrote about what they had done in school that week and what all they learned. She said that one day the firefighters came to her school and they got to tour the fire truck for an hour and that she got to learn so much from them. The next day she said that they learned about eating healthy, and they got stress balls to squeeze for when they feel like they are stressed. She seemed very excited to be learning about eating healthy and about what firefighters do around the community!Here's their blog!

In my comment I told her that I was from Mobile, Alabama and I loved reading her blog! I also told her that eating healthy is important and is really good to know and start early! I also told her how I never got to tour a fire truck, so I know that had to be a great day! It also sounds like she has so much learning! She was very excited I commented on her blog, I got a reply from her saying how excited she was to get a comment from someone so far away from her reading her blog!

My third week, I had a student who was reading a book and was participating in a virtual book where all over the world they read the same book and they review it on skype together. He wrote about a girl who happened to be blind and deaf and how he realized how grateful he was. He also liked Skyping with other students across the world.

In my comment, I told him how awesome it was that they got to participate in this global reading and Skype with other classes to learn from each other. I then told him that I was a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Al. I also told him to keep up the great work and to keep blogging!

My fourth week in October, I had a girl named Maimazan who was a senior. She was enrolled in high school, but took an online history class through an all girls school. Her post was about her deciding to take that online class and what all she has learned from it. Her credits said she did not need another history, but she wanted to take one, and she decided to stand up for what she believed in and take it. She has learned how to blog, and also how to communicate with girls all throughout the country, and she said she has learned more in that class than she has in any other and it is online. You can view her blog here!

In my comment, I told her that she needs to stay motivated in school, that it sounds like she is doing great in her AP courses. I also told her that that was awesome how she wanted to take that class even though it was discouraged for her too. I also told her to keep up the great work and I had also learned so much stuff from my class which required a blog and I never thought I would enjoy it!

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